Just months after opening its doors, the newly renovated Coastals Eston store is proving a hit with both its staff and the surrounding farming community.

Whether it’s cat food, cane knives or a warm coat, the store has it all, and according to Branch Manager, Una Wood, often the prices are lower than those offered in stores in bigger centres such as Pietermaritzburg, despite the remoteness of the area.

“That is the great strength of the Coastals group. Because we have stores across the province, we are able to buy in bulk for the whole group. That means we are able to pass on really good prices to the farmers and run fantastic specials,” Wood says.

Originally a wagon-stop between Mariannhill and Richmond, the once-abandoned building now shines with its freshly painted façade, long verandah and green iron roof. And soon, a spanking new coffee shop is set to open its doors to the public.

With the nearby primary school Wood says there are sure to be parents popping in for a hot cappuccino and a home-made muffin while they wait for their children, once they have finished all their shopping at the store, of course!

“This is what is so lovely about our new store. We are stocking everything for the home and the farm. Since we opened at end of February we have seen more and more farmers’ wives coming in and buying here. It’s brilliant,” she says.

And inside, the staff say having all the stocks, apart from products such as cement, under one roof and working in a bright and clean environment has meant all the difference to their working day.


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