South Africa’s sugar industry is one of the most important contributors to the country’s economy.

It generates gross revenue of about R8 billion a year, creates about 79 000 jobs and produces indirect benefits for around 350 000 people, mainly in deep rural areas where work opportunities are scarce.

The industry has weathered many storms and adversities since pioneers planted the first crop and built sugar mills along the sub-tropical east coast of the country, almost a century ago.

But now it faces probably its most severe challenges, such as the flood of cheap imports, climate change and evolving international market regulations, and the impact of a growing global anti-sugar lobby.

As the sector rises to these challenges, the quarterly Shukela magazine is committed to telling the stories of growers, millers and industry players who are not only adapting to the changes, but meeting them head on through best practice and innovative methodologies.

Shukela has senior journalists who write authoritatively about the latest technology and research developments, particularly those published by the industry’s world-rated South African Sugar Research Institute.

Shukela is a high quality magazine with each edition focused on particular sectors including farm focus, milling, transport, and the deliberations at the annual South African Sugar Technologists’ Congress.

Shukela is published quarterly and is written for and about South Africa’s diverse and all-important sugar industry.