With Women’s month approaching, the KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Union, Kwanalu, is launching a campaign to celebrate the contributions and roles of women in the sector, with the intention of creating a valuable network of women to connect, collaborate and inspire one another.

“Women and the agricultural sector are not synonymous, but the truth is that there are so many women involved in the industry besides for female farmers; including leading businesses, working in offices, in the field and on the road, as well as working indirectly within the farming sector in companies that are linked to the agricultural sector,” says Kwanalu CEO, Sandy La Marque.

The campaign will feature all women and their roles within the sector throughout August – from the small-scale grower to the CEO’s of agri-related businesses and institutions.

“As mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and aunts, women are often the backbone of support for the family – ensuring that there is food on the table and driving the successes of loved ones. On top of that, if they aren’t running their own business operations, they are often involved in many of the daily tasks that keep a farm, and the sector as a whole, supported,” says La Marque.

On Monday, 31 August, Kwanalu will host a Women in Agriculture Webinar, in partnership with SA Canegrowers, that will feature an all-female line-up of inspirational speakers who will share their tools for agri-business success, their experiences, how they overcame challenges in the industry and the art of juggling many hats as a woman.

Kwanalu calls on all women involved in the sector to join a welcoming network that aims to bring together like-minded women to connect, collaborate and inspire whilst gleaning on the experiences of others.

“It’s time that we recognise the contribution of women in the sector and, together, assist and inspire each other in our everyday challenges. It’s a chance to meet new friends, find new business and learn from one another in a safe space without judgement,” says La Marque.

Become part of the Women in Agriculture network or nominate someone you think may benefit from it, and find out more about the Women in Agriculture Webinar on 31 August. For further information on women in agriculture, farming in KZN and Kwanalu visit the website