15 – 17 September 2020 Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi


Sugar markets and diversification

Insights into sugar prices, international trade dynamics and support for diversification of the African sugar industry.

Identify growth opportunities

Find out out where ethanol production and blending is on the rise across Africa, and who is investing in production facilities.

Intra-region and global trade dynamics

Identify supply gaps for the raw and white sugar trade, as well as for fuel and non-fuel ethanol.

Strategic issues for ethanol producers and millers

Meet millers from across Africa and find out how they are improving production and diversifying.

Ethanol Production Technology Workshop

Hear from industry experts about optimising ethanol operations, maximising production efficiency & implementing new technologies.

Hear from industry leaders

Sugar and Ethanol Africa is a unique opportunity to network and hear from key industry players from a region that offers huge potential for expansion and investment.

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