“Generating Energy, Electricity & Biomass Export in Africa!”

Quoting from a recent interview by Engineering News Online, EDF senior VP for Africa Valerie Levkov said, “As an example, she cites wind energy as a good solution for South Africa, whereas a biomass solution would be more suitable for a country such as Côte d’Ivoire, given its biomass potential.”

Each country in the continent has its own particular needs, financial capabilities and natural resources can be leveraged for sustainable renewable energy development.

Levkov further suggests that African countries should strongly consider biomass projects in the renewable energy space, adding that, on average, one biomass project can create up to 1 000 jobs in a rural region when taking into account the biomass supply chain.

“This is a very good example of the circular economy, where you bring in a lot of value first by developing a clean [or renewable] energy project and then by creating sustainable jobs and revenues for the local communities,” she says.

CMT’s 3rd Biomass Trade & BioEnergy Africa offers insights from two perspective – local development of biomass to electricity to meet the energy needs and potential trade/export opportunities of woody and agricultural biomass from Africa to the demand markets in Europe and North Asia.

Opportunities to utilize biomass & agricultural residues from Cocoa, Tea, Oil Palm as alternative renewable energy source in Africa
Promoting & funding options & strategies – Who, What, How
Case studies on industrial biomass boilers & cogeneration plant operation
Matching biomass availability with energy demand hotspots
From plantation to markets – biomass pellets/briquettes production & economics
Export prospect for African biomass
Supply chain development for wood pellets, biomass briquettes & PKS
The 1.5 days agenda aim to facilitate strategic partnerships amongst stakeholders such as biomass resources owners with the renewable projects developers, ECAs, engineering and turnkey solution experts, biomass and biofuels buyers and traders. Delegates will get a clearer view on the resources competition landscape and identify new opportunities.

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